Kira Kira Curtain Call Review

Title: Kira☆Kira Curtain Call (キラ☆キラ カーテンコール)
Release date: 2008-08-14 (2010-04-30 in English)
Developer: Overdrive
English publisher: MangaGamer


So, in my previous review I stated, that I bought "Kira Kira" bundle with its sequel/fandisc "Kira Kira Curtain Call" in it. Now it's time to review the damn game and take it off my shoulders.

"Kira Kira CC" is basically composed of two different stories: Souta's desire to become a "sun" and Marakami's struggle with not knowing what to do with his life. So, let's get it out of the system - Curtain Call is no much worse than Kira Kira, but sadly it's no better either. Let's start with the very beginning.


Kira Kira Review

Title: Kira☆Kira (キラ☆キラ)
Release date: 2007-11-22 (2009-06-24 in English)
Developer: Overdrive
English publisher: MangaGamer


Well, here is my first review of a pretty well known visual novel "Kira Kira". Since MangaGamer has released the novel back in 2009 it was hard to surf the net without someone gushing about how this game is the best thing since sliced bread and how it's an ideal first visual novel for those wanting to try this subgenre of games hailing from Japan. Considering this is one of the highest rated VNs on VNDB, I thought I might as well buy it - after all, you can't go wrong with something everyone likes... right? Right?

Kira Kira has many incarnations in the English market: first there is the original download edition of the erotic game, an all-ages download edition with the ero content removed, a physical edition of the all-ages version and the port of this version to iOS. Not knowing who would want to play this game without ero (as ero is so punk rock), I downloaded the original version in a bundle with its sequel/fandisc "Kira Kira Curtain Call" which I'll probably review later.

So, what is this VN about? The short answer is punk rock or at least that is what it wants to believe. Meet Maejima Shikanosuke, a slacker, who at the beginning of the game gets dumped by his long time girlfriend. Sucks to be him, but his moping due to a heartbreak doesn't last long if any and soon our non-hero gets dragged into forming of a punk rock band with 3 girls.

One, two, three, start...

So. Ehem, this is my first post and I sort of don't know what to say. I created this blog on a whim really. And the reason that made me create it was simply "rage" at money misspent.
I'm a big fan of the subgenre of games known as visual novels. However, there is very little reliable info about those and many people rely on the written "word of mouth" so to say. Enter "Kira Kira" - a visual novel that everyone on the net praised and I hated furiously, hence money misspent. Thus I decided that we need more opinions on the VNs and this blog was born.
I am a lazy person and can not promise that I will post regularly, but I will honestly try not to abandon this blog. Now, the only trouble is to get readers. Well, time will tell.